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Antiracist and Social Justice Resources

An ongoing project designed to highlight and increase access to antiracist and social justice resources. New resources will be added as they become available. Welcome to our new LibGuide home. Please be sure to update your bookmarks and links!

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  • Sections/subsections of this guide contain links, PDFs, and embedded multimedia. Simply select a link or icon to engage with resources
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Antiracism, Cultural Competency & Civil Rights

Accountability & Reform

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Accountability is in essence a form of solidarity, one that acknowledges the deep conditioning of all of us into a racist construct that places white at the top while systematically devaluing People and Communities of Color. In this culture, we are taught to hoard power, win at all costs, see “other” as threat, and live in increased anxiety about losing our share of the so-called pie. As a result, we are separated not just from each other but from ourselves. Accountability becomes a way to reconnect through the power of authentic relationship across these false yet powerful divides.” – Dismantling Racism

Accountability & Reform



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