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Scholarly Visibility: Arizona Law Faculty Resources

Scholarly Visibility: An Introduction


Your Law Library is here to help you acquire, take control of, and use the tools that will maximize your scholarly impact. Now more than ever, the visibility and dissemination of your scholarship is of the utmost importance. From your ORCID iD to your Hein Online Author Profile, this resource guide will be your one-stop for answers. If you have any questions or need further guidance, please contact Jaime Valenzuela in the Law Library directly. 


Have a new paper out? Need to post to the Arizona Legal Studies working paper series which is distributed by SSRN? Did you recently give a presentation? Create a new blog post? Complete this form to share your scholarly work and we will add it to our Faculty Scholarship page.   

ORCID: a persistent digital identifier that you own and control. Distinguish yourself from other scholars. Add your scholarship to your ORCID profile and connect it to your HeinOnline Author Profile or let us do it for you. 

HeinOnline Author Profile: A majority of faculty scholarship is available via HeinOnline. Enhance your Author Profile or let us do it for you. 

Google Scholar Profile: Create yours and let us know. We can link it to your HeinOnline Author Profile. 

SSRN: Please use this form to submit your articles or working papers to SSRN and/or our Arizona Legal Studies Series. Let us show you how to connect your SSRN profile and your ORCID iD. 

Quote, "An informed scholar is the best kind of scholar," Osborne, Caroline and Miller, Stephanie, The Scholarly Impact Matrix: An Empirical Study of How Multiple Metrics Create an Informed Story of a Scholar's Work (April 22, 2020). WVU College of Law Research Paper No. 2020-006