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BA in Law - Certificate in Tribal Courts and Justice Administration

About this Guide

This guide is intended to provide you with an introduction to the resources available while a student and even as a tribal court practitioner.  We have included information about and for Tribes and Tribal courts, access points for Tribal law, Federal Indian law, International Indigenous resources, training organizations and training and assistance programs, media resources including news, blogs, and journals focused on Tribal and Indian Law, as well as job boards.

Please note that these lists and links may not be complete or as up-to-date as we would like.  Not all Tribes and tribal entities have the financial and/or infrastructure resources to put their resources online and keep such e-resources up-to-date, some also have limited capability for publishing in paper formats, and some chose to not make their materials publicly available.  But this is a starting place, and will at least give you points of contact.

UArizona Tribal Courts and Justice Administration Certificate

The Certificate in Tribal Courts and Justice Administration is offered to UArizona students and external, non-degree seeking and continuing education students who are interested in careers in the administration of justice in Indian Country reservation communities.

The program has broad application, appeal and relevance to UArizona students from reservation communities and those with strong cultural connections to those communities who wish to pursue or advance in a variety of careers in the tribal justice system.

For students pursuing the certificate, learning about parallel tribal systems of justice administration will provide deepened cultural insight, sensitivity, and competence for those interested in careers in tribal, federal, state, and local government law-related and policy-making positions.