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ChatGPT and Generative AI Legal Research Guide

AI Detection Tools v. AI Detection Evasion Tools

The field of AI detection and evasion tools revolves around the constant battle between algorithms and techniques designed to detect AI-generated content and those developed to evade detection. By understanding these tools and their capabilities, researchers, developers, and practitioners can stay informed about the latest advancements and challenges in this domain.

AI Detection Tools

AI detection tools leverage advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze text and determine the percentage of AI-generated content. These tools play a crucial role in identifying potential instances of AI-generated content and ensuring the integrity of information. Here are some notable AI detection tools:

  1. TurnItIn: Widely used in academic settings, TurnItIn is an subscription service with an originality checker that compares submitted texts against a vast database to detect potential instances of plagiarism and AI-generated content.

  2. Originality.AI: This tool employs cutting-edge algorithms to identify and analyze AI-generated content. It offers a range of features, including plagiarism detection and content verification. After a free trial, it costs $0.01 per credit (1 credit scans 100 words).

  3. OpenAI-detector: Developed by OpenAI, this free tool leverages the organization's expertise in AI to identify AI-generated text. It aims to assist users in discerning between human and AI-generated content.

  4. GPTZero: Designed specifically to detect AI-generated text, GPTZero if free and utilizes sophisticated models and algorithms to provide accurate assessments of content authenticity.

  5. Copyleaks: A comprehensive plagiarism detection platform, Copyleaks is a subscription service that employs AI algorithms to identify similarities between submitted texts and existing online content, helping to detect instances of AI-generated content.

For informatin about others, is directory that lists various AI detection tools. 

AI Detection Evasion Tools

AI detection evasion tools are specifically designed to circumvent or trick AI detection mechanisms, enabling the generation of content that appears more human-like or undetectable by existing AI detection tools. Although the ethical implications of using such tools are a subject of debate, understanding their existence and potential impact is essential. Here are a couple of notable AI detection evasion tools:

  1. UndetectableAI: Subscription service tool which employs advanced techniques to generate text that is designed to evade AI detection. It aims to create content that mimics human writing to a degree that it becomes challenging for existing AI detection tools to differentiate between AI-generated and human-generated content.

  2. AISEO: AISEO (AI Search Engine Optimization) is an emerging field that explores ways to optimize content generation to appear more human-like while still incorporating AI-generated elements. This subscription service tool focuses on striking a balance between optimizing content for search engines and evading detection.

ChatGPT AI Detection Tool Comparison

To evaluate the accuracy of available AI detection systems, a short legal memorandum that was entirely generated by ChatGPT was tested using different platforms.

Only two of the systems, TurnItIn and Originality.AI, detected the fact that the document was completely AI-generated.







ChatGPT Evasion Tool Comparison

To assess the effectiveness of a popular AI detection evasion tool, the above discussed ChatGPT-generated short legal memorandum, which was initially recognized as AI-generated, was rewritten using UndetectableAI.

The rewritten version, which was less organized and suffered from some ackward phrasing, was resubmitted to TurnItIn for analysis.

Upon the second evaluation, TurnItIn reported that the document had 0% AI-generated content, indicating that it successfully evaded detection by the system.

Original Turninin Report for ChatGPT Generated Document

Turninin Report for Document Rewritten by UndetectableAI


Advice About Avoiding AI Detection Without Software

And of course, there is advice to students about how to evade AI detectors without using AI detection software.

How To Avoid AI Detection as A Writer,, March 28, 2023, suggests the following:

  • Break down content into smaller segments and generate each section separately to avoid detection.
  • Avoid repetition and formulaic language by increasing word and sentence structure diversity.
  • Incorporate personal anecdotes or experiences to add a personal touch and demonstrate expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.